Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage

If there is one thing about Wawa which makes us incredibly unique, it is our amazingly diverse and rich history. Almost every aspect of the dynamic Michipicoten/Wawa story-line has a connection to the fascinating history of our young nation.

The Michipicoten First Nation ancestors learned how to survive in this rugged corner of the continent. They shared their skills and knowledge with the first European explorers and helped to establish some of the first commercial enterprises like fur trading, fishing and mining. Michipicoten became a hub for travel and exploration north to Hudson’s Bay and West to the rest of North America. Almost every iconic Canadian adventurer and personality studied in our grade school history books, travelled through the Michipicoten region and made a stop at the small congregation of buildings associated with either the Northwest Company or Hudson’s Bay Company trading posts on the banks of the Michipicoten River.

Since Michipicoten had an established source of supplies and communication links, it became a crucial jumping off point for those men and women employed at the growing chain of work camps all throughout the region. Migration through Michipicoten included all types of workers, from all corners of the world. They were supplied and sent on their quest to fulfill all types of vocations. Lumberjacks, cooks, railroad navvies, miners, dam builders, trappers, fishermen, lighthouse keepers, POW’s, prison guards, road-builders, and physicians.

The following list of cultural heritage resources and assets in the Wawa area was compiled through your input during the Wawa Cultural Mapping project which was completed at the end of April 2012.

Click on the locator pin for more detailed information on each cultural heritage site or element.  Click on the “Collected Resource” tab to see the full list of historical assets submitted for this project. If you see anything missing and have any additional items you want to see on this list, please send an email to or enter them on our Wawa Cultural Map Facebook page.

Mapped Resources

Collected Resources

A.Y. Jackson
abandoned logging camps
ACR abandoned rail bed
Bill Mason
Bush planes/pilots
Catfish Fire Tower
David Thompson
Eagles Nest
First Provincial Mining Recorder’s Office
Fort Friendship
Frances Ann Hopkins
Glenn Gould
Golspie shipwreck
Government Dock Beach
Governor George Simpson HBCo.
Grace/Darwin Mine
Hawk Junction Train Station
Helen/MacLeod Mine Site
Heritage Doors
Hudson’s Bay Co. trading post
Lake Superior shoreline
Lakeview Hotel
Log cabins on Broadway Avenue
Louis Agassiz
Mackenzie-Bethune Cemetery
Magpie Mine
Magpie River logging history
Medicine Cave
Michipicoten Harbour
Michipicoten Harbour Lighthouse
Michipicoten High Falls
Michipicoten River
Michipicoten River Cemetery
Michipicoten-Missinabi-Moose River historic canoe route
Mining Heritage Park
Morley Callaghan
Northwest Company trading post
Parkhill/Gold Park
Paul Kane
Prisoner of War camps
Remote Wilderness Lodges
Sandy Beach Pavillion
Selwyn Dewdney
Siderite Junction
Sir James Open Pit Mine
Sir James Dunn
Sports Wall of Fame
St. Margaret Mary Cemetery
Steephill Falls Dam
Surluga Road (hwy 101)
Tremblay Flats Cemetery
Watson’s Algoma Vacations
Wawa Geese
Wawa Goose
Wawa Lake
White Sand Cemetery
William Armstrong
Woodland Cemetery