Creative Cultural Industries

Creative Cultural Industries

No surprise to some of us, Wawa is home to a diverse collection of creative souls who are involved in Wawa’s rich creative cultural industry in some way or another. This category of assets includes everything from painters, artists, musicians and writers, to businesses and organizations that support the creative industry in positive ways.

Creative people are inspired by their surroundings. Much like famous Canadian painters like the Group of Seven were inspired by the beauty of the Algoma landscape, local musicians and artists are inspired by the unique surroundings and culture found in Wawa. The quiet and serenity of our remote northern spot on the map, also seems to have a positive effect on creative individuals looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the 21st century. World renown pianist Glenn Gould was enchanted by Wawa in the 1960’s and 70’s and made regular visits in order to focus on his extraordinary work in music and multi-media compositions.

Either way, Wawa seems to inspire creativity. The following list includes an incredible array of creative cultural assets found in and around Wawa that should be encouraged, supported and celebrated.

This list reflects the input of many. This list is by no means complete and will continuously change. Click on the locator pin for more detailed information on each creative cultural industry.  Click on the “Collected Resource” tab to see the full list of artists and industries submitted for this project. If you see anything missing and have any additional items you want to see on this list, please send an email to or enter them on our Wawa Cultural Map Facebook page.

Mapped Resources

Collected Resources

Adam Martin – artist
Alex Charbonneau – artist/musician
Algoma News Review
Allen Bjonna – artist
Allison Fortin – artist
Annette Morrison – Chee Wawa Momma Designs
Bob Patterson – artist
Carol Sanders – Blue Eagle Gallery
Chris Benka – Omni Digital
Clement Cottages
Craig Thundercloud McKay – artist
Dan Klassen – artists, graphic designer
Darlene Pfaff – Get Penciled
Dawn Charbonneau – artist/musician
Dawn Rutland – knitting artists
Samantha Stewart – Defined Movement Dance
Don Charbonneau – artists/musician
Evelyn Stone – artist
Fenlon’s Pharmacy
Frank McRae – woodworker
Fort Friendship
Gales of November Photography
Halloran Signs-N-Designs
James Sanders – Harbor Pottery
James Smedley – journalist/photographer
Jim White – author
Joan Brooks – journalist/author
Joannie Clement – artist
Judy Moore – food artist
JV InfoTech Solutions
K.Sab Photography
Karasek Furs – George Karasek
Kassie Wright – author
Kimberly Fedoruk – Spirits Artwork
Lakeview Hotel
Larrett Designs – Shani Larrett
Lisa Mercier – artist
Linda Plant – artist
Louise Moran – Lavender & Bee Art
Lynn Smith – artist
Mack Studios – Brandi-Lee MacLaughlin
Mark Beland – musician
Megan Gamble – web designer
Michelle Wheatley – artist
Northern Information Technology and Geomatics Cooperative
Peter Burgoyne – Out of the Woods Woodworking
Ray McGregor Photography
Raymond MacDonell – author
Richie Overton – musician
Rock Island Lodge
Ron Hale Pottery
Sabrina Levesque – folk musician and artist
Sam and Linda Dawyd – artist
Sheila Smith – artist
Shirley Mills – journalist
Superior Images – Brenda & Marcus Grundt
Susan Lachapelle – Original Creations
Valerie Palmer – artist
Wawa Digest
Wawa Motor Inn
Wawa Public Library
Wood ‘n Wax
Young’s General Store