Cultural Mapping

What is cultural mapping?

A fun and cooperative way of asking residents to help identify, record, and take a closer look at all the resources and assets that are uniquely Wawa!

How is this done? With your help! I need you to tell me what you think are the cultural resources and assets in the Wawa area. And by cultural resources I mean the following:

  • creative industries and occupations (libraries, galleries, artisans, authors, photographers, etc)
  • cultural organizations and service clubs (aboriginal and multicultural organizations, athletic groups, religious groups, historical societies, etc)
  • festivals and special events (derbies, bonspiels, tournaments, multicultural events, music festivals, etc)
  • spaces and facilities (parks, playgrounds, beaches, theatres, arenas etc)
  • natural heritage sites and spaces (gardens, provincial parks, farms, waterfalls, scenic locations, etc)
  • cultural heritage (stories, past historic people, places, events, historic sites, etc)

Here are some helpful links that explain the cultural mapping phenomenon across canada