Wawa’s History – Get Involved!




Canada has a rich First Nation heritage – so does Wawa.
Canada was built on its fascinating fur trading history – so was Wawa.
Canada has a dynamic multicultural background – so does Wawa.
Canada has an exciting mining history – so does Wawa.
Canada has inspired great explorers, scientists and artists – so has Wawa.
And the list goes on…. Many areas of our country’s unique story of growth and development can be related somehow to the rich and diverse history of the Michipicoten and Wawa region.

As a result, Wawa residents are sitting on a gold mine of historically significant cemeteries, landscapes, artifacts, photographs and stories. Where are they? What do we know about them? Who do they belong too? When did they come to Wawa? And how do we promote, preserve and protect them?

All of these are important questions that a newly formed Heritage Committee of Town Council will be asked to tackle if they have enough residents of Wawa to volunteer to sit on the committee. Councillor Chiasson is looking for community members who have an interest in Wawa’s rich history to attend a preliminary meeting on Monday April 2nd to discuss the potential interest for a new Wawa Heritage Committee. Please join him at 7pm in the Council Chambers at Town Hall. Whether you are interested in being a committee member or just want to chat about Wawa’s unique history, come out and show your support.

For more information contact bchiasson@wawa.cc or jrowe@wawa.cc or call 705-856-2244 ext. 236.