Wawa’s Assets are Many? – You tell me!




Wawa’s Assets are Many? – You tell me!

Do you feel like Wawa is at its lowest point in years?

Are you wondering what the future holds for you and Wawa?

Are you afraid that all the empty buildings on Mission Road and Broadway will never be occupied again?

I yearn for the day when I can shop in more than 2 or 3 Wawa shops for all of my Christmas presents! I remember when parking was a premium and a “bucket of chicken” was the only thing on my list whenever my family took the occasional trip to the Sault.

But I also remember when there were no garbage cans or flower boxes outside our shops and motels. The motels only operated during the summer tourist season. The Goose was the only thing you knew to take your southern cousin to see. And if you swam at any of the local beaches you had to ask a friendly neighbour to use their washroom.

We’ve come a long way baby! Wawa is no longer just a bathroom break on a cross-Canada road trip. It is a destination.

Why? …you might ask?

Because of Wawa’s many unique cultural resources and assets! What are they? You tell me…

The Town of Wawa is currently engaged in a unique project called a Municipal Cultural Map. What is cultural mapping? A fun and cooperative way of asking residents to help identify, record, and take a closer look at all the resources and assets that are uniquely Wawa!

How is this done? With your help! I need you to tell me what you think are the cultural resources and assets in the Wawa area. And by cultural resources I mean the following:
creative industries and occupations (libraries, galleries, artisans, authors, photographers, etc)
cultural organizations and service clubs (aboriginal and multicultural organizations, athletic groups, religious groups, historical societies, etc)
festivals and special events (derbies, bonspiels, tournaments, multicultural events, music festivals, etc)
spaces and facilities (parks, playgrounds, beaches, theatres, arenas etc)
natural heritage sites and spaces (gardens, provincial parks, farms, waterfalls, scenic locations, etc)
cultural heritage (stories, past historic people, places, events, historic sites, etc)

How do you give me your list of Wawa’s many cultural resources and assets?

You can send your list electronically to culture@wawa.cc. Or you go to our new website at www.wawaculture.com and click on each separate category to send me your ideas. Or you can pick up a Wawa Cultural Mapping Brochure at the Wawa Public Library and fill out the spaces provided in the brochure and drop it off at the Pro-Shop, Wawa Public Library or the Town Hall. Or you can call me at 705-856-2244 x236 and I would love to talk to you about Wawa’s cultural resources and assets.

If you or your classmates or your organization would like to hear more about this project one on one, please do not hesitate to call me. I would love to be invited to provide you with a short presentation on this fun project.

What will happen with this information?

The list of assets will be entered into a database created by the Northern Information Technology and Geomatics Cooperative to produce a cultural map. A printed map will be made available and circulated within the community. A digital map will eventually be accessible on the internet. This valuable information will be accessible to residents, visitors, entrepreneurs and any potential new businesses interested in the Wawa area.

Wawa’s Cultural Mapping Project is an exciting community exercise. I guarantee you will be pleased with the results and perhaps even a little surprised.

Wawa is so much more than the empty homes and parking lots we see today. While you and I take the opportunity to stop focusing on what Wawa does not have and start talking about all the wonderful and unique things we do have, we will likely even feel a sense of community pride. What’s not to like about that!

Again, you can reach me at 705-856-2244 x236, or jrowe@wawa.cc. You can email your lists to culture@wawa.cc or you can read more online at www.wawaculture.com.

Look for me at the By-Hand Festival on Saturday November 19, 2011.

Johanna Rowe
Wawa Cultural Mapping Coordinator